MENTOR ICE ARENA COVID-19 Policy Update: 2/24/21

In the interest of public safety and confidence as well as efforts toward providing a sustainable service we are asking the following of parents, coaches and participants. Please read and follow these City of Mentor COVID-19 policies.


Please notify the Arena (immediately) if you or a family member test positive for COVID and have been to the arena in the past 14 days.

The following parameters shall be set regarding spectators:

One Spectator per skater is allowed during practices.

Two Spectators per skater during games in all rinks. This includes siblings and grandparents.

Everyone is to sign in upon arriving at the arena.


  • MASKS MUST BE WORN in the arena by everyone.
  • Please do not come to the Arena if you or your skater is registering a temperature of 100.4 or higher or is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Please have your child dressed and prepared to take the ice before arriving at the Arena.
  • Locker rooms will not be available for
  • Locker rooms will be available for GAMES
    • No more than 8 people in the locker room at a time
    • No coaches’ meetings or gatherings in the locker rooms
    • All locker rooms must be monitored by a Safe Sport Certified parent monitor
  • Showers will not be available.
  • Please arrive no sooner than 15 minutes ahead of your child’s ice time and plan to depart from the Arena within that same time frame.
  • Figure skating locker room will not be available at this time.
  • To ensure mask compliance, NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN THE FACILITY.
  • Please be aware of and maintain social distancing measures as this is a condition of the Arena opening.
  • Signage and X marks will be through-out the building to help with social distancing.
  • Please abide by proper entry and exit doors.
  • Please arrange any necessary discussions with coaches or others to be done outside.
  • Please have your skater’s jerseys, pants, socks, etc. washed after each use.
  • Please be sure to leave all of your skater’s personal items in your car.
  • Only bring your own marked water bottle on the ice. All belongings must stay in the lobby or by your chair/bench.


                *Coaches must wear masks on and off the ice

Please maintain the appropriate 6-foot distancing measures throughout your ice session when possible.

  • Please govern the manner in which your skaters enter and exit the ice as it relates to proper distancing.
  • Do not allow your skaters to spit on the ice.
  • Do not have “huddled” team meetings. Those shall take place when necessary outside and in a manner which reflects distancing measures.
  • Please do not share items or equipment.
  • Please plan to exit the Arena immediately after practice and hold any necessary team discussions outside. Distancing requirements still apply.


  • Must use your own water bottle, marked with name, NO concessions will be available at this time.
  • Please do not bring food into the Arena.
  • Please maintain the 6-foot distancing measures at all times.
  • No hugging, hand shaking, fist bumps, etc.
  • Do not share water bottles or any other personal belongings.
  • Please do not stray into any other part of the Arena where your group’s activities are not scheduled.

The Arena has taken necessary actions and precautions to be able to open and provide for its customers the opportunity to return to the ice:

  • Traffic patterns through the downstairs lobby have been established and designed to create a unified flow of entry and egress.
  • Touchless faucets have been installed throughout the Arena restrooms and locker rooms.
  • Markings have been placed on the floor six feet apart to indicate and act as a constant visual of the necessary distancing requirements.
  • Automatic doors entering the arena have been installed.
  • Personal hygiene stations (hand cleaner and sanitizer) have been added in the lobby for your use.
  • LiveBarn livestream services are available for you and family members to view on-ice activities.

Contact Bill Furman, Mentor Ice Arena Manager, at or (440) 974-5730 regarding any questions related to the Mentor Ice Arena reopening policies.