At Mentor Ice Arena, we pride ourselves on being a premier destination for hockey enthusiasts of all ages. From the tender age of 3 and beyond, we embark on a journey with our skaters, nurturing their passion for the sport through our comprehensive Learn to Skate and hockey programs.

START HERE! –> 1) Learn to Skate (Ages 3-12) – All skaters embark on their skating journey through our Learn to Skate program, which starts at Tot 1 for ages 3-5 or Basic 1 for ages 6-12. In these initial stages, there is no requirement for hockey equipment. However, a helmet is mandatory for any skater under eleven (Bike helmets are okay). Upon successfully completing Tot 1 or Basic 1, skaters progress to our Learn to Play Mighty Mite/ADM Blue Leagues. To ease the transition into hockey-centric skills, we recommend that skaters start out wearing hockey skates, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the unique feel of these skates and enhance their overall skating experience. Check out our Learn to Skate page for more information.

2) Learn to Play/ Mighty Mites (ages 4-6) – The Learn to Play program, tailored for ages 4-6, serves as the seamless continuation from our Learn to Skate initiative. This specialized program is crafted to provide a natural progression for young skaters, offering essential skills and knowledge as they advance in their hockey journey. Upon completing Learn to Play/ Mighty Mites, participants are well prepared to transition to the Mentor Ice Arena’s ADM League, where they can further develop their skills in a supportive and engaging environment. Full equipment is required for this level and beyond.

3) ADM Mite Blue (ages 4-8) – ADM Mite Blue offers an in-house hockey program tailored for skaters aged 8 and under, prioritizing skill development, fundamental training, and enjoyable experiences. Skaters are grouped into teams according to their skill levels. The ADM Blue season is divided into two distinct halves. The initial half is dedicated to thorough skill enhancement, focusing on both individual and team development. Even as the season progresses into the latter part, which involves local travel engagements for competitive matches, the emphasis remains on ongoing skill development. This allows skaters to continue refining their abilities and applying them in real-game situations. This dual-phase structure is designed to promote continuous progress and provide a rich, dynamic experience for young athletes. Full equipment required.

4) Youth Travel hockey (Age depends on level) – After gaining valuable experience in our ADM program, skaters have the exciting opportunity to try out for our youth travel program, which features teams at various levels:

Travel Mite (8U): Introduction to competitive play for our youngest skaters.

Squirt (10U): Building on skills and teamwork in a dynamic age group.

Peewee (12U): Advancing skills and strategies in preparation for higher levels.

Bantam (14U): A competitive level emphasizing advanced play and development. Checking introduced.

This program involves travel throughout the Cleveland area for league play and is governed by the Cleveland Suburban Hockey League (CSHL). Tryouts take place in early spring, with registration occurring in April/May. To be eligible, skaters must have completed a season of ADM Blue before trying out.


Frequently asked Questions:

My child is over eight and wants to start playing hockey. Where should we start?

Having a child over 8 years old doesn’t exclude them from the exciting world of hockey. It simply means they may embark on a slightly different journey into the sport. To get started, we recommend getting your child on the ice to ensure they enjoy the experience before committing fully. If you have more questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the arena’s hockey director. You can contact them at They’ll be able to provide valuable insights and guide you on the best way for your child to begin their hockey journey. We look forward to welcoming your child to the world of hockey!

My child is interested in being a goalie. Where do we start?

If your skater is interested in becoming a goalie, that’s fantastic! There are several steps you can take to support their interest and help them explore this position further.

Our Mite programs offer numerous opportunities for your skater to try out being a goalie. They will have the chance to experience the position firsthand and determine if it’s something they enjoy and want to pursue further.

Seek Guidance from Coaches and Our Hockey Director: Our coaches and hockey director are valuable resources who can provide more information and guidance on the process of becoming a goalie. They can offer advice on training, skill development, and any additional support your skater may need to excel in this position.