Stick and Puck sessions provide a valuable opportunity for skaters in our youth hockey program to engage in unstructured practice sessions on the ice. This informal ice time is designed for youth skaters to hone their skills, encouraging personal development and fostering a sense of camaraderie among players. Skaters are required to wear full hockey gear and bring their own pucks, creating a safe and conducive environment for practicing various techniques. Mite parents are welcome to join their child on the ice, provided they wear a hockey helmet and pay the designated fee of $15 per hour. These sessions offer a flexible and affordable way for skaters to enhance their abilities while enjoying the love of the game in a supportive setting. $15 an hour to be paid at the front desk before taking the ice. (THESE SESSIONS ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC)

Cost: $15 per skater (including coaches/adults) This must be paid to the front desk before taking the ice.

Stick and puck times and dates can be found on our calendar.

Times are subject to change or be cancelled.

Stick & Puck Rules

Stick & Puck is a session for hockey players to come out and practice their stick and puck handling, along with shooting skills. This is not an organized training time. Please be aware of other players on the ice to maintain safety on the sessions.


· Payment must be made at the front desk, and participants must sign in before entering the locker room or ice

· Goalies skate for free, but must sign in

· Full Equipment is required for players

· Parents may be on the ice for Mite & Squirt ONLY and must also pay

· Parents must wear helmets

· Ice is to be shared equally by all participants

· No training aides, dividers or cones may be on the ice during Stick & Puck

· No Scrimmaging or organized practice on Stick & Puck sessions

· No shooting at the glass

· No shooting at the goal if a skater is in front or behind the net, wait for them to clear

· All participants must wear skates at all times when on the ice

· No food or drink on the ice at anytime

· Checking, shoving, pushing, in-appropriate language, and any other behavior that the on- site management deems inappropriate or unsafe to other participants are not allowable and violators will be asked to leave the ice.

· For the safety of all participants, The Arena reserves the right to remove a participant from the ice or the facility as a result of any violation of these policies. Refunds will not be given.

  • All skaters must be in the care of a responsible adult while in the Arena and on the ice. Skaters are not to be dropped off.